Obst und Gemüse- Assets and Bits

Animation and design by Robin Davey. Sound by Ana Roman

Kuratiert Berlin is proud to present its first group show Obst und Gemüse, (or Fruit and Vegetables).

Obst und Gemüse is a themed Group Show (18 June - 27 July 2019); a celebration of fruit and vegetables - and everything in between. The pips and rot, stickers and crates, as well as the juicy delights.

A total of 18 artists -primarily illustrators- explore the theme with print, paint, ceramics, and textiles. The exhibition includes new work by established artists as well as those at the beginning of their careers.

The artworks include ceramics by Helena Covell, a textile piece by Jesse Warby, and new illustrations by Martina Paukova, Holly St Clair, Robin Davey, Raúl Soria, members of Berlin’s Random Collective, and more.

The opening/vernissage will be held on Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 from 19:30.

For more info, please direct people to have a look at the events page on the site: https://www.kuratiert-berlin.com/obst-und-gemuese

A sneak preview of some of the works:

The full list of artists taking part:

Baris Cavusoglu  - Elda Broglio  - Flor Vilardebó -   Guille Comin - Helena Covell  - Holly St Clair - Jesse Warby   - Joe Taylor -   Josefina Preumayr - Laura Junger - Leonie Herzog  - Marcela Bustamante - María Medem - Martina Paukova  - Minho Jung - Raúl Soria - Robin Davey  - Tatjana Junker

Assets can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cmjxpYgQwU483wMvM8xiSgrOAs1YwXeD?usp=sharing

For more information please get in touch with Ellie Davey : hello@kuratiert-berlin.com